Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mama, Don't Let Your Baby Grow Up to Play Football

If I'm honest, Danny probably outgrew his cowboy bedroom a couple of years ago. Being a male, though, he didn't notice/mention/care about his room decor, so I let it ride. I still remember vividly transforming his room into a cowboy and bunk bed haven, because that meant he was finally potty trained.

Time marches on, however, and so does Danny's sports obsession - particularly with football. And hey, Target makes it so darn easy to swap out window valences and bedding. Oh, I should also mention that there is a touch of wolf, too, including a painting by Grammy and a ginormous stuffed version he received for his birthday. (Wolfie is now BFFs with Richard Parker, the life-size tiger previously known as Antonio.)

Watching Danny play with his new samurai fortress last night, I was struck by the fact that he's at a great age right now: young enough to happily play with toys on the floor, old enough to be (relatively) reasonable and independent. Before I know it, he'll be way too cool for me to bring Burger King and his baby sister to school for a birthday lunch, and requesting heaven only knows for his interior design. Frankly, I hope he's moved beyond football by then, but I am learning not to plan too far ahead and enjoy this time when he still believes he can grow up to be anything he wants.

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