Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Splash of Summer

This has been a gloriously beautiful weekend, particularly pleasant coming on the heels of a stifling week in which our upstairs AC broke - just in time for the Francos to bunk with us for a week between their moves. Since Friday, the windows have been open, the sun shining, and frankly I wasn't sure a trip to the pool would be a good call. Clare and Isabella, however, would not be deterred, and as I was the only adult standing in the line of defense (Tim was on a one-day trip, Luis and Deanna were dealing with the movers), I caved. And it was terrific!
After an initial "Brrr!" from the kids, they were off and swimming, diving and sliding for the better part of an hour and a half. Best of all, though: Laura was more than happy to hang in the baby pool with me. Turns out our militant dictator of a toddler has a very cautious side as well. I suspect she will open up soon, and like last summer I will be hauling her up the stairs to the slide dozens of times a day, but I will enjoy the mellow visits while they last.
This trip to the pool culminated a remarkably fun week of having the Francos live with us. (Well, probably more fun for us since we didn't have to deal with the hassles of coordinating a move and cleaning a new-to-them house.) The kids were in sync the entire week, playing endless hours of Legos, American Girl and more, all in between the routine of school and work. Friday night found the four of them in a movie-and-sleepover night in the basement while we grownups enjoyed the glories of the back deck, wine and beautiful weather. This basement thing has really grown on me.
Of course, endless amounts of fun and company can be a bit exhausting. Last night, after Tim and I finished our dinner on the deck, I knew it was time to find Danny and send him off to bed. We had noticed it was very quiet in the house, but I assumed he was playing Legos in the basement. Instead, I finally found him snuggled in the guest bed, as sound asleep as we have ever seen him:
 Sweet dreams and sweet times.

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