Friday, May 31, 2013

Swim Team Season

A few nights ago, at the first swim meet of the summer team season, Tim and I were marveling that this is only Clare's third year of swimming. We felt like veterans, as though we have logged many, many hours watching meets. Which we actually have, considering this meet alone took 6 hours of my life. Nevertheless, Clare continues to love it. And this year she has proclaimed, multiple times, that she has buddies! This makes the wait between events much more interesting for her.

Her year-round training has paid off, too, as she swam in the first (fastest) heat of every event and held her own in the two relays she swam. We love seeing her thrive in this environment.

Here's a look back at her during her first meet:

2011, age 8: nervous for her first meet, but so excited!
And last year:

2012, age 9: more experienced, but still eager.
And this year:

2013, age 10: older, wiser, still having fun
Because I think it's impressive, here's a picture of the Georgia Tech pool in its long-course glory - Clare swims laps in this pool for 75 minutes every practice:

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