Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Control Herself

"May I have this dance?" she sweetly asked...but wouldn't have taken "No" for an answer.

Laura is officially a panties-wearing gal. We haven't quite jumped the #2 hurdle yet, but this not being my first rodeo, I know that will probably take a while but ultimately will happen. And since she attended school today wearing panties and returned home wearing the same clothes, I am ready to declare success.

From her conception, I have dreaded potty training. It ranks up there with getting an infant to sleep as my least favorite elements of parenthood thus far. Upon some reflection, I have recognized that it really is a battle for control. Sure, I knew Laura was trying to assert her desire to be in control. But it's possible that perhaps I, too, am a bit of a control freak. And maybe I don't quite give my baby girl enough credit. Turns out she's fairly capable of telling us when she needs to go to the bathroom. So the 50-minute stand-off we had in the bathroom this morning, which caused her to be late to school and me to miss my window to run before my haircut, was not necessary. Live and learn, right?

Toddlerhood is summed up with the phrase "power struggle." Laura aims to be quite powerful, too, dictating music choices in the car, the up or down status of the window, which sibling will play with her and what game they will play, and most especially her footwear (to name a scant few).  She is atrocious at taking "No" for an answer, although her fits are becoming increasingly shorter in duration. She is, I suppose, on the cusp of turning three, with all the triumphs and terrors that accompany the age.

Yesterday, as we spent more quality time together while mastering the potty routine, I was struck by the song "When Will My Life Begin?" from Tangled (she LOVES to listen to princess music). I spend a lot of time wishing Laura would get older, get past certain irritating behaviors.  But I also find myself really enjoying her company, the many times when she makes me laugh, or comments "that was a great story!" after a book. And I really love listening to her sing. Life doesn't begin when you hit a certain age or milestone, it's happening every day. Time: a reminder that none of us, really, is in control.

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