Thursday, November 21, 2013

So Big

We're plowing through major toddler milestones these days. Laura continues to be a potty-training rock star, even conquering #2 (more or less, anyway). And now she's in a big girl bed. She has slept in it for about five days now, and so far remains as firmly entrenched in it as Clare and Danny were - no aimless wanderings or midnight escapes. Yesssss.

Meanwhile, today I had my first parent-teacher conference for Laura, which I approached both with our "Meh, third child" attitude paired with a bit of "Oh dear, I wonder what they're going to tell me?" Last week the teachers had us fill out a prep sheet for the conference, asking us to detail Laura's strengths, weaknesses, and any concerns we have. After staring at it blankly for quite some time (I mean, she's two), I finally scribbled down something and moved on to the next task. I happened to mention her temper as a concern of mine, which evidently was laughable to her teachers who describe her as "quiet, timid, and sweet." HA! But hey, if she has learned early on how to work her teachers, kudos to her, am I right?

In all seriousness, though, her teachers report that while she is somewhat shy, she is also social and interacts well, is good at sharing (can't wait to tell THAT to Clare and Danny), uses her manners, and has strong verbal skills. She is still "emerging" in the "separates well from mommy" category, which doesn't surprise me - we spend a lot of time together. Evidently she has also told her teachers that her brother and sister are very nice to her (see above photo for evidence of how often Clare plays with her). Since she is not great about expressing her appreciation directly to them, this was nice to hear!

She has her moments, both good and bad. She's growing like a weed, but she's still my baby.

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