Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

For the fifth year in a row, we spent Halloween with the Francos. But this year we ventured to their house, checking out their new neighborhood's offerings for the holiday. Suffice to say, Starlight Hills did not disappoint. All the kids had a blast - perhaps Laura most of all!

It took her a while to be ready to put on her costume, but once dressed she was ready!
Tim took her trick-or-treating, and reports that her favorite phrases were, "Let's go get some more candy!" and "My basket is so full!" While it was still light out, she was also fond of telling him, "You stay there" while she ventured up to the doorsteps. However, once the sun set she was more than happy to have him accompany her.
Another CKS family lives up the street from the Francos, so we had a good crew for trick-or-treating.

The big kids enjoyed the sorting and trading of candy, while Laura looked on and mostly admired her acquisitions. This was followed by the traditional use of glow sticks, which Laura was delighted to partake in. Party girl giddily stayed up well past her bedtime!
I was happy to see Clare and Danny happily coordinate costumes for the third year in a row. Danny pestered me for weeks to dress up, too, so I finally caved and tossed together a Medusa costume - his Greek warrior really did need a nemesis.

All in all, a fun night with great friends!

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