Thursday, January 9, 2014

No Going Back

So eager to start gymnastics class.
Occasionally, Laura will ask me, "When I'm a baby again, can I ____?" I always feel a little guilty when I inform her that she will not be going back down that road. It also strikes me as funny, mostly because neither Clare nor Danny ever asked this. But in many ways it's a logical question, considering she also spends a lot of time asking about when she's a big girl, or a grown-up. What's the difference - change is change, right?

And boy, is she changing. Of course, she can still be a temperamentally wicked little gal, making up songs like "Nobody's going to be my best friend!" and "Clare/Danny are so yucky." But she has also shown moments of compassion when one of them is injured, and calling out, "Goodbye, I'll miss you!" as they returned to school from Christmas break.
A happy gal after class.
There is no denying that she is becoming a big girl, too. This week she began a class at The Little Gym, where both her brother and sister went before her. She was SO excited for this class. It appears to have lived up to her expectations, as she informed everyone she saw, from our carpool to the kids' piano teacher, that she "does gymnastics," and has asked several times when she will go back. (On a personal note, I loved it, too, because I got to leave and go for a run!)
The experience did seem to wear her out, though, giving me a fleeting glimpse of my baby girl once again.

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