Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nostalgia Tour

Tim and I were eager to revisit our old ND London Programme haunts. Not sure how excited our offspring were to join us, but they gamely set out with us and we had a delightful day.

We started at the flats, after exiting from the Queensway tube stop. (Clare continued to wax poetic about this mode of transport.) They looked more or less the same, and the same Middle Eastern restaurants wafted down the street.

We made that quick, then headed down the road to Kensington Gardens & Hyde Park for football throwing. We left that to the boys while we wandered towards the fountains and stumbled upon a playground. Not exactly the same park experience as my college days, but perfect for the company, especially as it was a beautiful day.

From the park we headed back to the tube to visit the old school building, which was not far from Piccadilly Circus - and Hatchard's, my all-time favorite bookstore.

Our final stop was a big let-down for Tim, sadly. De Hems was open, but they did not have enough seating available, and the day's menu was limited to Dutch snacks that were not going to fly with our trio. We will work hard to return!

The outing brought back a lot of memories of a very special time in our lives.

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