Friday, June 5, 2015

Camp Mommy & Middle Child

Our first, non-traveling week of summer vacation kicked off with volleyball camp for Clare, preschool camp for Laura, and the highly-anticipated Camp Mommy for Danny. The extent to which he was excited about this week suggests both that he really, truly likes me, and also that he is really, truly a middle child who savors every moment we have together.

Aside from visiting the new reptile exhibit at the zoo, I wasn't really sure what we would get up to (beyond a few lunches out), but fortunately Danny didn't require a full-scale plan. He embraced leisurely mornings roving between electronic entertainment, Legos and his Nerf guns, allowing me to shower, get the girls off to camp, and even toss in a load of laundry here and there.

Our first excursion was to the zoo, and he was delighted to see so many reptiles. I believe I demonstrated a lot of patience around these creatures, so kinda hoping we don't have to return any time soon... We shall see. It IS a well-done exhibit.
Danny satisfied his reptile interests in plenty of time for us to trek to our favorite sushi buffet, where we both satisfied our appetites heartily.

The next day we simply got donuts and waited at home for a dishwasher that arrived but was damaged, so was not installed. I put aside my grumpiness, and we opted to watch "Swiss Family Robinson" (which we had watched with great success over our Florida week). Watching a movie mid-morning is pretty rare for me, but was a great item on the Camp Mommy agenda.

That said, I couldn't spend an entire week that way, so the following morning we dropped off the girls and headed to Kennesaw National Battlefield Park for some hiking. The cannons were, obviously, a major draw.

As was the promise of a Frappuccino if he was willing to head to Target with me afterwards. Where we managed to snag the game Sorry (played with great hilarity later that night with Clare), a new Frozen puzzle for Clare, a foam bat and ball, and some Legos (purchased with his allowance). Target: what's not to love??

The Legos spawned an interest in returning to the Legoland Discovery Center here in town. Since I knew taking Danny by himself was going to be easier than carting Laura, too, and thus juggling their bound-to-be-varying desires, I submitted. After we checked out the new gourmet donut spot, that is. Yum yum!
By now, I think we were equally glad when I received an email requesting a play date with Holden for the following day. I was out of good ideas, and I think Danny was ready for someone who was a bit more steadily receptive to continuous goofiness! Nevertheless, I genuinely enjoyed my time with my little man. Not sure how interested he will be in a third summer of Camp Mommy, but I'm game if he is! (Perhaps by then we'll make it to the actual Kennesaw Mountain I sought, and not just the park...)

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