Friday, June 26, 2015

Clare & Abby's Excellent Adventure to Florida

It must be summer: Clare has just unpacked a suitcase, only to fill it again for our trip tomorrow morning to Buffalo. This will be the story for this lucky girl all season, between family trips, sleep-away camp later next month, and last week's trip to Florida with Abby and Chris.
These girls really love Starbucks. And evidently Clare is quite adept at giving false names... "Mint"?!
As it was Clare's first time spending a full week away from home, without parents, it's not really my story to post...but why let that stop me? Chris kept me supplied with cute pictures of the girls clearly having a ball!

Victorious shoppers!
These girls rarely stop laughing!
We definitely missed her, and at one point Laura asked if she would be accompanying us to Buffalo, or if perhaps she wast just gone for good? But we're glad our bird spread her wings so happily!

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