Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2015 Buffalo Shuffle: Favorite Spots Revisited

There are plenty of places we look forward to revisiting when we head to Buffalo. The kids love the quick walk to Spot Coffee for breakfast:

I love the typically cooler weather, allowing lovely runs around Delaware Park (and this year, Clare joined me more often than not, preparing for cross country):
We all love the Buffalo Zoo, and this year we got some exceptional views of all the animals, particularly the tiger and lion:

Danny is so tasty!
Laura and I returned to the Museum of Play in Rochester (below), while Donna took the other two to the Rochester Museum and Science Center, which turned out to be excellent!

Donna, Clare and I returned to tea at the White Linen Tea House, where we celebrated sweet Ryan's arrival:

And, we returned to Fort Niagara, where they were having a weekend reenactment of the French & Indian War. This was quite a scene, and I suspect would have been more enticing had Danny not been miserable with a very sore throat:
After observing a battle, and procuring a toy knife, I took Danny and Laura home while Tim, Clare and Larry headed for Niagara Falls on what was truly a spectacularly beautiful day:
Lots of quality time in quality spots!

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