Thursday, July 16, 2015

Blankie: Harbinger of Bad Boyfriends To Come?

About a year and a half ago, at the ripe old age of three, Laura decided to adopt a lovey. Specifically, a swaddling blanket covered with butterflies. Unlike Annie Bear, who 12 years later is alive, kicking, and at sleepaway camp with Clare, Blankie has not aged well. Exhibit A:

Blankie is so fragile that I am afraid to wash it - not that Laura would let me. Thus, Blankie is disgusting. However, Laura finds such talk quite offensive, and badgers me until I admit to liking him (her?) (a false claim, naturally). I have tried to plant the seed that Blankie will not stand the test of time, and may some day need to get thrown out. You can imagine how well that has gone over.
Today, Laura threw a tea party using the new set she bought with the allowance she saved for several weeks. In addition to inviting me, I suggested she include some stuffed animals. So, she invited Mousie and Blankie (here's hoping her creativity in naming improves in the coming years). Who invites a blanket to a tea party?? That was when it struck me: Blankie is probably the first in a potentially long line of undesirable boyfriends that we will attempt to discourage, and instead likely reinforce her determination to keep around. Perhaps I will start referring to Blankie as Bad Boy. I can hear her indignation now...

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