Monday, August 10, 2015

2015 San Diego Summer: Beach Bums

I always sort of dread these trip round-up posts (which comprise the bulk of the blog lately), because it's boring to write - and read - play-by-plays, and really difficult to capture the fun. However, we have too many great pictures, and the excursions deserve to be commemorated.

The day after our arrival, and the joyful reunion with family (and cousins!), we hit the beach for the first time. Now that the kids are older, it's easier to go to the beach and much more worthwhile. Laura, especially, has come into her own as far as the beach goes, which makes it SO much more pleasant for me. Our first beach visit was to Oceanside, the nearest of them to Fallbrook.
Danny and Laura were the first to hit the water, which was a surprise. However, the big girls ventured in the furthest and the most:
Laura preferred to skirt the shoreline, but she spent a LOT of time along it:

A few days later, Danny, Laura and I met up with Breen and Colin and hit Coronado Beach (after a visit to the Midway):

Loving our visors.

A few days after that, we decided to try the Del Mar Beach, which proved to be excellent. (So much so that we ALL got sunburned. Oops.)

And for our last day of the trip, we opted to try yet another beach: Moonlight State Beach in Encinitas. Parking was rough, but the kids enjoyed it:

The ocean looks very inviting, on this hot August day in ATL...until next year!

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