Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guardian Angel II

As if we're not reminded often enough, today offered another of those "time is really flying by" moments. Just as we did three years ago, this morning we set off to CKS to meet a kindergarten teacher and Guardian Angel - this time for Danny.

When I chatted with Danny yesterday about attending this event, he mentioned that he was "a little bit nervous about a new school." I assured him that this is normal, but also reminded him that it's not really new for him. Between several visits to Clare, and the fact that he attends Sunday School in the very room where he will attend kindergarten, he's really an old pro. He even has the same kindergarten teacher that Clare had! However, given that he was just two years old at the time, I'm not surprised that he didn't really remember her. Nor I am too shocked that the big impression was made, once again, by the Guardian Angel.

Danny's GA is Max, and Danny has already decided that he's his "best friend." In fact, when we returned to preschool, Danny couldn't wait to show his class the picture of him with Max. He also quickly told his classmates that he "even saw Clare" at the end. Yes, we had a serendipitous encounter with Clare and her buddies who happened to be at recess when we were leaving. It was so cute to see how excited Clare was to see Danny and introduce him (for the umpteenth time) to her second grade teacher. She really is thrilled about the prospect of having him at school with her next year. And I am happy to report that once we arrived this morning, and Danny's Sunday School buddy Luke came over to say hi, Danny's nerves were long forgotten. (The reunion with a certain redhead didn't hurt, either.)

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