Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The apron ties that bind

Green gingham has never been so cute! This afternoon I was cordially invited to a Mother's Day lunch hosted by Clare and her classmates. It could not have been more adorable, and most of us has tears in our eyes within the first five minutes. The kids were just so delighted to have us there, and so proud of themselves, and so grown up.

One of their teachers had sewn each one of them a green gingham apron (the girls wore the style that ties around the waist, and the boys had the type that hooks around the neck). Each child greeted his or her mother and escorted her to a seat at one of the two tables, which were set with flowers, candlelight (brave teachers), and a menu. We were then showered with gifts of the art project variety, followed by a charming performance of "The Vowel Song." The kids then helped us through the buffet line, where I noticed that most kids were serving their mothers but mine was dawdling off in the corner scanning the books. She was front and center when it was time for dessert, however!