Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy birthday, Danny! (part one)

When it comes to birthdays, nutrition definitely flies right out the window. Thus, Danny and Clare toasted to his second birthday with donut holes for breakfast. I was happy to have made the decision to buy these, since the very first thing he said to me this morning, after I said, "Happy birthday, Danny!" was, "I want cake!" Donuts are not a bad second choice, especially first thing in the morning.

It worked out well that Danny's birthday fell on a Thursday, because that's when we have music class, which he loves. Since we attend with four other neighbors, he's got a lot of friends in class with him, and we usually all go out to lunch after class. By the way, he got a very nice birthday serenade at the end of class, during which he sat on Miss Doris' lap looking enormously pleased with himself, but without my own camera I was at a loss. So sad! Anyway, after scarfing down a good amount of "yummy" macaroni and cheese from Fresh 2 Order, the kids each enjoyed a lollipop - and provided us with some cute photo ops. I had to be sure to get a picture of his new "Mom's Major Cutie" t-shirt, courtesy of Crystal and Kylie.

When we got home, Danny had his first phone conversation - with Grampy. Actually, it wasn't really a conversation, because Danny pretty much just smiled and listened while my dad talked. He later told me two different times, with a HUGE grin on his face, "I said hi to Grampy!" After such excitement it was more than time for a nap, during which I made his cake. My attempt to recreate Rocket from Little Einsteins on the cake was only average (red icing is surprisingly hard to make), but I kind of wonder if Danny will even pause long enough to realize there's anything on it at all.

We're waiting for Tim to do dinner, cake and presents tonight, so more later!