Sunday, May 11, 2008

Life at a gallop

It's hard not to be a bit reflective on Mother's Day, especially when it follows a weekend away from the kids. I was lucky enough to go with two of my best friends on a yoga retreat in the North Georgia mountains. We spent two nights and two days at Fallen Timber Lodge, which is more spectacular than these pictures depict, while the dads held their respective forts at home. The weekend included three yoga sessions, delicious meals provided by our instructor's chef husband, and plenty of free time that was void of "Mommy! Mommy!" or any other annoying moments. It was bliss, primarily because it was an opportunity to really slow down. We hiked along the Toccoa River by following a railroad track, we sat on a porch swing, we lazed in the hot tub, and we drank plenty of vino. Suffice it to say, it was a life one could get used to.

Come this morning, however, it was time to return to reality. One of the first things we noticed was that after only two days, our kids looked bigger! This was reinforced by the email I received detailing the graduation ceremony for Clare's Pre-K class this coming Thursday. Graduation?! I'm not ready for this. I should be - Clare writes me notes, reads books out loud to us, makes math sheets for herself, and has generally matured so much over the past several months that she is clearly not a preschooler anymore. But if she's getting older, the implications aren't too terrific for me. (Although, that's one step closer to retirement, which means maybe more time spent in the retreat lifestyle, right?)

It was lovely to be greeted so joyfully by the kids when they saw me, and I really do think they appreciated having me back in the house. Of course, it didn't take long for their demands to flow forth from their tongues, but the cuddles and smiles tempered those just enough. We decided a family outing was in order on what turned out to be a spectacular afternoon, so we headed over to nearby some polo fields where several horses like to graze. Something about the equine world provides endless amounts of entertainment, and not just for the kids. It was extraordinarily peaceful - well, until Danny fell into hysterics when we had to leave. Such passion just helps us appreciate the peaceful moments all the more.