Friday, May 16, 2008

Max, a.k.a. Sir Loyal Heart

For three years now, Max Congrave has been a constant for Clare in what has often been a sea of change - and vice versa. They first met as two-year-old preschoolers in the same class, navigating the then-uncharted waters of Atlanta, potty training and Catholic school. They both experienced the additions of new siblings within a month of each other. They switched preschools together, and were once again in the same class. In fact, they've been in the same class for three years now. And for three years, they have declared each other to be their boyfriend/girlfriend, and are very serious in their intent to marry each other. So much so that Max discusses this daily with his mother and his nanny.

This fall they will both move to Kindergarten at Christ the King. However, as we discovered this morning at the "Meet the Teacher" event, they will not be in the same class. This is of some concern to Max, who responded to this news in the following way: "I don't want a new boy to take her. If he does, I'll kick him." Having said this, Max marched off to his class. When the two were later reunited, I overheard Max ask Clare, "Did any boys tell you that you were beautiful and try to take you?" Clare assured him that they did not, but Max did feel obligated to ask this again. Apparently Clare started to think that maybe she should be concerned, too, because she then asked, "Did any girls want to marry you and tell you that you're handsome?" She's safe for now, and Max later whispered, "You are the love of my life" - but then explained that this is what Shrek says to Fiona. Still, he's quite the gallant young man, isn't he?

Here's a picture of Clare and Max back when they were three (and Danny was a froggy baby):