Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Falls

Ever since I saw a picture of my mother-in-law with Baby Timmy at Niagara Falls during the winter, I've been wondering when we'd venture to this magnificent sight with our own kids. Tim hasn't been in any hurry, given his fear of heights (so ironic for a man so tall). He couldn't avoid it any longer, though, when my own parents came to Buffalo for the first time and naturally wanted to see the falls. The poor guy literally had nightmares leading up to our excursion that apparently involved vivid images of Danny in his bright green Crocs.

I'm happy to report that our trip was incident-free (although Danny did wear the Crocs). I can probably sum it up best by Clare's report: "This place isn't even boring!" I hadn't been since Tim took me the very first time I came to Buffalo (for inspection by the family, naturally), so it was a treat to go with both my parents, my in-laws, and my own nuclear fam. I'm still eager to see it in all its frozen, wintry glory, but today's spectacular day will be hard to rival. There was a complete, perfect rainbow over the falls the entire time we were there. It's the kind of sign that really summarizes the wonderful time our two families have had together the past few days...but the recycling bin is bearing the brunt of our festive evenings!