Thursday, October 23, 2008


Oh, the joys of home ownership. That beautiful wooded area behind our house, which the two-story windows in our great room showcase so well, and which is one of the things that really sold us on this particular house? Just cost us a pretty penny today, thanks to the two dead (and very large) oaks. They posed a serious threat to our house, and possibly a neighbor's, should they have been knocked down during a storm, so we finally hired someone to take them down.

What a process! The best part, though, is that not only was one of the two workers dangling from a significant height, with a running chainsaw hanging next to him, but he also had a lit cigarette in his mouth. Spectacular!

The scene was enough to rivet Danny and least for a while (or maybe they were just taking a milk break):

Ultimately, though, they were swept up in whatever game big sisters Clare and Olivia concocted in Danny's room, which resulted in this:

That would be Quincy, held captive in Danny's crib and sporting a newborn cap. But did he run away from them? Nooooooooo. Another successful kitty visit for Olivia!

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