Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Space Between

In right of passage #43 (plus or minus), Clare lost her first tooth today. It wasn't a glorious, "look at me" moment, either. I happened to get a look in her mouth while we were gathering jump ropes for a pre-dinner session. When I stopped her, she was fairly reluctant to let me get a closer look...and then proceeded to deny that she had lost a tooth for about five minutes. "It's just a space!" "Um, yes - a space that was not there before today." Finally she conceded, but immediately grew teary when she confessed that she has no idea where the tooth is. Somehow she lost it at school and didn't even realize it until her friend pointed out the space in her mouth.

"Of course the tooth fairy will still visit!" I have repeatedly assured her. Whilst silently cursing my drawn-out search for a tooth pillow that hangs on the door (I fear waking her up by trying to put it under her pillow). So I suppose it works out pretty well that I can just shove a five-spot under the door. That's the alarmingly high going rate these days - I remember when a quarter was a big deal! Then again, to this mom that's a million dollar smile.

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Crystal said...

Gorgeous! I hope my kids look that great with missing teeth! :)