Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Main Event

I discovered the downside of having Halloween on a Saturday: Kids who spend the entire day moping around, waiting for it to be time to go trick-or-treating. So the first part of the day was a bit of a long one for all of us, but once it was time to put on the costumes the mood picked up, and it was happy sailing from there.

Danny was positively elated when Ninja Daddy made an appearance, too. Danny had declared long ago that Daddy was going to be a ninja for Halloween - something Tim decided he just might act upon. Danny also decided I was going to be a witch, which I did not follow through on, and somehow got away with. Anyway, a major battle ensued between the ninja and the knight, and somehow both parties emerged satisfied.

This year was going to be a bit of a departure from the annual neighborhood festivities, because we decided to incorporate traditional trick-or-treating. In the past the kids have been too young (generally) and the neighborhood too hilly. We kicked it off with the usual parade of kids and costumes, and from there the trick-or-treating began. It appears to have been a big hit with many of them. Clare declared it downright "awesome."

We invited our CKS friends the Francos to join us so that Clare would have a friend her age (she gets mildly frustrated lately by the young median age of the neighborhood crowd). This proved a winning move. While Danny hung in for 70% of the trick-or-treating, Clare, Isabella and Gabrielle hit every single house offering candy. For those of you who have witnessed the hills in our neighborhood, you'll recognize what an achievement this is - and yes, we did it all by foot. Once we returned home, Danny was happy to join the girls in the age-old fun of sorting and reviewing the loot. (We parents put up our feet and refilled our wine.)

So, while there was quite a bit of impatience for Halloween to arrive (especially from Danny, who has been asking about it daily since around September 15), I do think it lived up to their expectations. Sweet.

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Jennifer A Morlan said...

Sounds, and looks, like Halloween was the usual blockbuster event at the Seymour house. I couldn't remember what Clare was going to be; she was a darling kitty-cat. Sara will approve. So glad Danny was still enjoying his knight costume, and why not, it was adorable. And of course Tim made an awesome Ninja; wouldn't like to meet that in a dark alley. Thanks for the post; it was great.