Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where the Grownups Are So Nice

We kicked off summer vacation with a fun and spontaneous start by heading to Lake Martin for an overnight stay. We're planning to head back in another week or so, but since there weren't any "reservations" at the house for our first couple of days of our vacation, we opted to take advantage of Jennifer's invitation. We also brought Allyson, Sophie and Jack with us and indoctrinated them in lake living.

As soon as we arrived, we packed up a lunch and headed out onto the boat. Jennifer's cousin, Zac, was also visiting, and he was a huge hit with the kids. Probably because he tirelessly spun, threw, pulled and did a variety of other tricks with them in the water for two hours. This made it very easy for we moms to kick back and relax. So on the rare occasion when Clare would ask me to swim or do something in the water, I had no problem saying, "Sure!" Which prompted her to say, "The grownups are being so nice today!" Yes, a relaxing day at the lake will really mellow a mom out.

All was not 100% peaceful, as I discovered an extremely flat tire on the van while Allyson and I were grilling dinner. However, the entire experience introduced me to the extremely friendly, if not expedient, culture of Dadeville, Alabama. I got my tire fixed and it didn't even cramp my schedule of boating and beaching. All in all, Jack was spot on when he referred to the getaway as the "lake party." And summer has only just begun!

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