Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why We Have Kids*

One day last week, Clare asked if she could do the dishes. I overcame my inner control freak and realized that this was a great offer. After all, this is a job I have been looking forward to farming out to my kids for close to seven years. It's a job that I did diligently, if not cheerfully, for ten years or so before moving out of my parents' house. Sort of like the circle of life, right? Regardless, it's bliss. I'm certain that the novelty will wear off for her very soon, but my delight in not doing this chore myself will most certainly not, so...she's stuck.
(*credit to Amy and her dad, Skip)


Jennifer A Morlan said...

the circle of life indeed! I remember how thrilled I was to hand off this chore to you and Sara. Aunt Ann and I had done the dishes--for quite some time without a dishwasher--for what seemed like eternity. This one really made me grin. BTW--good for Clare. I don't remember you ever VOLUNTEERING for that particular task :-P momster

Crystal said...

I did the dishes ALL MY LIFE (it seems like) and without a dishwasher as well (in the "old" days!). I'm so jealous! Can't wait to pass that chore off to Kylie. :)