Friday, July 9, 2010

A Brisk Day at the Beach

Despite the chilly temps, we figured we needed to make a trip to the beach. We regretted it almost from the beginning, although eventually the kids found their stride and before we knew it, two hours had passed. The girls even braved the ocean for quite some time, while the rest of us (Danny included) stayed huddled in beach towels on our chairs. Danny informed me that he'll go in the ocean when he's seven. I suspect if it had been a warm day, age wouldn't have had much to do with it, but whatever. He stayed quiet, so I was able to visit with Jen and Sara with Heidi.

Clare continues to carry on through our summer activities despite the cast. The "oven mitt," as we have to taken to calling her cast cover, has been the best $39 I ever spent. As she stood in the waves, she repeatedly raised her arms over the water, so it looked as though she was commanding the sea with it.

Of course, as we drove inland and into Fallbrook it was suddenly a gloriously sunny afternoon. Murphy's Law. The kids spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening soaking up some rays and getting rid of the chill. By bedtime they were cozy and content.

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