Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On Safari

We were in Buffalo for less than 24 hours before we set off for foreign lands. Canada, to be exact, which is, surprisingly, the location of African Lion Safari. Donna first proposed this excursion a few weeks ago, and when I mentioned it to the kids they were very excited. I think several episodes of "Big Cat Diary" and viewings of "The Lion King" were behind this enthusiasm.

I would say it lived up to their hopes, too. We opted to take the tour bus through the six reserves, rather than our own vehicle, and once the baboons started hopping all over the cars (our bus included), this choice made a lot of sense.

The kids got a big kick out of seeing the animals up so close. The ostrich pecking at our window was particularly amusing. It was also fascinating to all of us to watch rhinos, zebras, and giraffes walk among the cars as if it were perfectly natural.

After the tour and lunch, we headed over to the Misumu Bay Wet Play area - kudos to Donna for advising me to pack their swimsuits. It was a warm, sunny afternoon, and Clare and Danny spent well over an hour here. It was very reminiscent of the watering holes we saw the rhinos, elephants and bison lounging in, although the kids were more exuberant.

We'll cross the border again to visit the Wards at their beach house, so stay tuned for more Canadian adventures!

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