Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Limb Liberation

Today we happily bid adieu to Clare's cast, as well as the fabulously helpful, but nevertheless cumbersome, "oven mitt." While I think she was truly looking forward to getting rid of the cast and resuming the ability to scratch her arm, it was obvious that Clare had some concern regarding the removal by saw. While I vaguely remembered it not being a big deal with Danny's cast, that was long enough ago that I didn't have a detailed recollection and thus wasn't very useful answering her questions.

Fortunately, they got us rolling quickly, and once the nurse started Clare realized it wasn't a big deal and would most likely not chop off her arm. There was mild disappointment when she was warned, and then discovered, that her arm would still be sore for a bit. She's slowly getting used to having her arm free again, though, and I suspect she'll be back to normal very soon.

While she was happy to have the cast off, nothing quite compared with her reunion with Elise. We decided that having lunch and spending the afternoon with Elise would be the best way to celebrate getting rid of the cast. The girls haven't seen each other for almost four weeks, and from the moment Elise got in the car Clare has been happier than I've seen in a while. True friends!

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Mary Beth said...

Yea Clare! So glad the removal went well and that the cast is now a memory. You both survived!