Monday, July 19, 2010

Santa Cruz

We ended our tour out west by heading up to San Jose to visit the Needhams. During our time the kids played a lot of Legos, and laughed at Danny's Indiana Jones role-playing, among other things. One day we also headed to Santa Cruz, where we explored the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. (Sadly they did not give us a discount.)

From there we enjoyed a delicious lunch at a restaurant on the pier, followed by a trip to the beach. This was a picture-perfect day for the beach, so Sara and I felt vindicated from our excursion to Oceanside the previous week.

Both Clare and Danny spent all of their time in or along the water. This wasn't surprising for Clare, who always loves the water. But it was new for Danny. He remained along the shoreline, but spent almost two hours running along it and letting the waves lap his feet, exclaiming, "Isn't the water fun? Come join the party!"

We are now home from our 18-day jaunt, recuperating. We have exactly one week before we hit the road for Buffalo, which the kids are already looking forward to. As am I, though I must admit I'm enjoying my own home in the interim!

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