Thursday, September 23, 2010

All About Danny, PreK Edition

As their initial homework assignment, Danny and his classmates were asked to first fill out a questionnaire about themselves, and then use that sheet to create a collage. The teacher was adamant that this was the student's project, thus they should do the majority of the work. As most of us know, this is really difficult to execute with a four-year-old (I know I'm not the only control freak out there). However, I did my best, and I think the result shows some nice teamwork between the two of us.

Above all, I was encouraged that Danny showed enthusiasm for the project and pride in his work. He was eager to show his poster to Wyatt yesterday during their playdate, and concerned this morning about whether or not I had remembered to put it in the car. His presentation skills leave a bit to be desired, as you'll see below (you'll need to turn up the volume to hear him decently). Then again, he's four. Good job, Dan-o!

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