Friday, September 10, 2010

'Tigers Score, Then We ROAR!'

So Danny jubilantly informed me tonight, after the season opener of his fall soccer season. This year he is on the Tigers team, not to be confused with the fact that his PreK class is also named the Tigers. Consistency is a good thing, right?

At four, Danny's focus on soccer still meanders, but his general attitude toward it is positive. It always helps when buddies like Parker, Ethan and Sebe (not pictured) are on the same team. Tonight he started the game a tad lackluster, but when they traded fields at half-time and he was no longer up against the giant Amy dubbed "Hoss," a switch seemed to flip and he stayed much more engaged. He even scored a legitimate goal! He was clearly very pleased with himself for his performance, informing everyone from Clare to carpool friends after the game, "I played really good." Modesty is a separate lesson...

I was pleased to see that he genuinely delighted in his teammates' scores, unlike last year when it was more every man for himself. He also seemed more aware of the fact that the other team was scoring quite a bit, eventually spurring him to more action on the Tigers behalf. I guess this is what happens when you move from the U4 to the U6 league...or at least when you're not three anymore?

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