Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of PreK

I've been eagerly awaiting this day, and this post, for approximately 25 days, or ever since Clare began school. That's a big gap in time between two kids starting school. However, as I often reflected to myself, this is the last year that will be the case. Next year, Danny will be in Kindergarten, at CKS with his big sister. Wow.

It's Danny's third year of preschool, but definitely the most momentous. PreK is serious business at his preschool, VCLC. This was the year that Clare, and all of her classmates, learned to read, write full sentences, take spelling tests. Yes. I never questioned that it was the right environment for Clare, who thrives on academics. I honestly have no idea how Danny will take to this setting, but I'm starting to think he'll do better than I might expect. He cheerfully announced to me today, and later tonight to Tim, "Ms. Kerlik makes learning fun!" What more can you ask??

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