Thursday, September 16, 2010

CKS Fun Run

Last Saturday was the annual CKS Fun Run. It was, indeed, fun, despite my being on the hook as co-chair of the event. However, I didn't really have any intention of blogging about it until I found this picture on the CKS website.

A few things strike me about this picture, aside from continued mortification that Danny selected navy socks for this athletic outing. And from how much taller than everyone else Clare appears! (She's fairly tall for her age, but this image is somewhat deceptive.) First of all, I love how relaxed and happy Clare looks. This is the girl who recently informed me that she'd never play soccer, "Because running's really not my thing." (Although she plans to tackle a half-marathon when she's my age.) Clare eagerly looked forward to the Fun Run for several days leading up to it, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't just for the pancake breakfast that followed. She was far from the fleetest of foot that day, but she proudly crossed the finish line and plans to run the event every year.

The picture also reminds me that Danny is rapidly approaching the age when he will actually be one of these CKS students. I spend a lot of time thinking about how much he has to learn this year in order to catch up to where Clare was when she started kindergarten. Then I immediately chastise myself for that thought process, because he is doing just fine right where he is, and also because I think I've forgotten how little Clare knew when she first began PreK.

Finally, this photo brings back memories of a surprisingly pleasant morning. It started early, which isn't always the preferred beginning to a Saturday, particularly for Tim. On the heels of a hectic week, though, it was great to spend some time as an entire family. It was especially nice to do so among a group of people that is quickly becoming more and more familiar, friendly, and family-like. Which, when it comes down to it, is a pretty good definition of "fun."

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