Saturday, October 16, 2010

Map of the World

Seymour genetics are teaching me that an appreciation of maps is an inherited thing. When it comes to directions, I definitely prefer the step-by-step instructions that Google Maps provides, whereas Tim just wants to see the map. I admittedly do not have a great sense of direction. Perhaps looking at a map would assist me here, but regardless I am not drawn to them.

Clare could not get enough of the maps at Disney World (nor could she ever get enough information about us about our plans for the next minute, hour, day - the girl likes to know what to anticipate). Each park has its own map, and she was determined to have her own copy of each. Probably because she sensed Tim's reluctance to hand over the map each time she asked to see it. Donna found this quite humorous, having spent 43 years with Larry refusing to let anyone else handle "his" maps.

The above shows Clare studying the Epcot map. This is a place that, despite two visits, feels like we left largely untapped. Clare could have spent several more hours wandering the sites (and shops!) of the World Showcase - and we all could have gone on Soarin' a few more times!

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