Sunday, October 17, 2010

What's a Pirate's Favorite Resaurant?

As we embarked on our seven-hour drive to Orlando, we quickly learned that Danny claimed to really not like Mickey Mouse. He decided that Clare could look at Mickey, go on Mickey rides, etc., but, as with princesses and any other "girly" thing, he had no interest. I think he associated Mickey with being babyish, a distinction he was eager to distance himself from.

Once you enter Disney, it's sort of hard to avoid the Big Cheese. Both Danny and Clare delighted in the "First Visit" pins they received upon checking in to the Wilderness Lodge, pins which prominently featured MM. They squealed with delight over the bath towels arranged in the iconic mouse ears shape. In fact, finding this shape in the wallpaper, manhole covers, etc. became quite a game for them throughout the week.

Nevertheless, I was a bit surprised when Danny selected a pair of mouse ears to wear. I made the offer to the kids based on my own sentimental childhood memories of wearing mouse ears around Disneyland each time I visited. Clare eagerly accepted, choosing a cute pair of Minnie ears. I really thought Danny would opt for a different sort of hat, but he quickly zeroed in on a pair of pirate ears. For both kids, the ears and the "First Visit" pins became like uniforms that they eagerly wore every single day. In fact, they even wore them on the long drive home.

The ears were a great talking point throughout the parks (and an easy way for people to learn their names, which we got stitched onto the back). Danny's in particular elicited a fair amount of attention, including from our breakfast waiter one morning. We were dining in the Whispering Canyon, the lively sit-down restaurant in our hotel. Our waiter was full of silly jokes that the kids found hilarious, and his slew of pirate jokes has made a lasting impression on Danny. Who has likely already informed anyone reading this what a pirate's favorite restaurant is. If he hasn't, just wait until you see him.

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