Friday, October 22, 2010

Scarecrows In The Garden

Danny has been hit the hardest with vacation withdrawal. Sure, Tim has been less-than-enthusiastic about returning to work, and I've not been thrilled to resume laundress/chef/chauffeur duties. Clare has had plenty to keep her busy, not the least of which was her Brownie troop campout last weekend, so she's adjusted the smoothest.

At any given moment over the past few days, Danny could be found reminiscing about our trip or longingly planning for "next time." His teacher informed me on Tuesday that he had been a bit emotional. When I asked him about this, he indeed teared up and told me he just wished we were back at Disney. I had to maintain a pragmatic air and explain that we would all love to still be on vacation, but that it's time to readjust and settle into our daily routine. Inside, though, I really felt for him. What's not to love about having both parents around all the time, everyone in a good mood, and adults primarily following the kids' lead on what to do?

He made it through the remainder of the week a bit more chipper. Nevertheless, while the house is still in disarray from the painters and there are plenty of errands and chores for me to do, I decided that we were in need of a Fun Friday. The weather has been absolutely stunning, and since I've intended to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden's annual "Scarecrows in the Garden" exhibit for the past five years or so, this seemed like a ripe opportunity.

Danny was totally game, and fortunately so was a fellow CKS mom whose youngest is Danny's age. We had a terrific time and saw a lot of funny, well-crafted scarecrows. Not surprisingly, Danny's favorite was the knight, contributed by Medieval Times.

As we were using the restroom on our way out, Danny commented to me, "Can we come here again? I like this place! I mean, it's not as fun as Disney, but..." A Botanical Garden employee happened to be washing her hands at the same time and burst out laughing. (I suggested she use his comment in their marketing materials.) It was funny, but also exactly what I hoped to achieve with him today. Nothing will top Disney World for a long time, but as long as he realizes we can still have fun, we're in good shape.

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