Sunday, October 3, 2010

Finally Fall

Cooler, more seasonable weather has finally arrived after a miserably long and hot summer, so we hopped on the autumn bandwagon with gusto! We could not have asked for a more picture-perfect fall day for our annual outing to the pumpkin patch. As we drove up into the North Georgia mountains region, Tim remarked that our pumpkin patch outing is among the most consistent things we have done as a family. I think we all equally appreciate it, too.

Once again, we headed to Burt's. Bedecked in their finest Halloween finery (i.e. t-shirts and socks, with the addition of various Silly Bandz and one pirate eye patch), Clare and Danny hopped out of the car ready to find the perfect pumpkin. After the initial pass-through, we opted to take the hayride before grabbing a wheelbarrow and truly getting serious about the selection.

Both kids were very intent on finding not only pumpkins for themselves (Danny was particularly vocal about the fact that he was getting his own), but also wanted to find a little pumpkin for the baby. Which quickly extended to one for each of the cats as well. Then the bizarrely shaped gourds caught Danny's attention, so soon we had a full wheelbarrow.

As it is a considerable drive to Burt's, we decided to add to our festivities and hit one of the many nearby apple orchards. Frankly, this might have been a bit too ambitious, or perhaps Burt's was just a lot to live up to. At any rate, we did pick our own apples, which will probably go down as the most expensive bag of apples we'll ever possess or consume. I think the kids thought it was fun, which is really the point...right?

All in all, it was a fun family outing in line with the many previous years of similar activities. As always, it concluded with the ceremonial placing of the pumpkins on the front porch. (Danny later went out with some markers and drew a face on his pumpkin. He has been really into the seasonal decorating, costumes, and stories this weekend.) It's fun to review these pictures in our photo albums from the past few years...and exciting to anticipate next year's addition to them!

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