Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Club, Junior Edition

For the past year or so, Clare has attempted to engage me in a book club, wherein we each read a book of her choosing and then discuss it. Sounded great in theory, but we really only got around to it once. We had several books on the To Read list, though! Evidently Clare mentioned our club to her friend Abby, who in turn mentioned it to her mom. They thought it sounded fun and wanted to do it, too, so she emailed me with some questions about it. This inspired me to take the whole thing a step further and suggest that we join forces, thereby formalizing it a bit for us. And yesterday was our inaugural meeting!

We let the girls select the book, which was an American Girl mystery: The Stolen Sapphire (A Samantha Mystery). The four of us met for brunch, and I was impressed when the girls immediately wanted to launch into a discussion of the book. I was also impressed that they continued the discussion for quite a while, growing rather impatient when Mrs. T. and I would digress into conversations of our own. Let's just say my own book club probably wouldn't meet their conversational standards.

After a good chat, the girls also made a thoughtful deliberation on our next choice, having each brought three books to choose from. There were several contenders which may pop up in later months, but for now we're going with the Judy Blume classic, Otherwise Known As Sheila the Great. And I am very much looking forward to the next meeting with these delightfully literary ladies!

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