Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Laura the Jet-Setter

Laura and I jetted off to Boston for a weekend with Mallie and Breen (Lisa and Erin to the uninitiated). It was Laura's first plane ride, which came later for her than the other two - Clare took her first trip at three months, Danny at three weeks. Traveling solo with her brought back a lot of fond memories of gallivanting around the country with Clare. It was such a treat to focus exclusively on her, especially since I knew Clare and Danny were in great hands back at home.

Mals took us to Cape Cod on Saturday, which was my first visit. For this Hotlanta resident, the weather was glorious: cool and rainy. I think Laura loved it, too. Or perhaps she just loved having three moms, plus two little girls, fighting over her. Whatever the case, she was a jolly little pumpkin all weekend! She even managed to finally roll over...right after I left the room to get some water. Breen will never let me forget it, either. (Breen also proudly walked around Cape Cod with Laura in her arms, graciously thanking people when they complimented her baby and never once correcting them. Hmph!)

Mallie's darling daughters, Abby and Sarah, repeatedly wished that Laura lived next door or was their baby sister. They have their own sibling on the way soon, though, so I suspect Laura will soon be a distant memory. I will remember this trip for a while, though!

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