Monday, June 13, 2011

Fourth Year at the Lake (but hopefully not final)

The kids and I essentially unpacked our suitcases from Florida and repacked them again, this time stocked for an always-coveted trip to Lake Martin. As I was in this packing process, I realized this would be our fourth summer heading to the Pryors' awesome aquatic abode. Obviously it was Laura's first, and Jennifer had also added her own baby, Kobe the Shiba Inu.

I was very apprehensive about how it would be to take an infant to the lake. Since it's a relatively short drive, I entered into the excursion knowing that we could always just turn around and return home. Fortunately, I need not have worried. Between two other moms more than happy to take a turn with her, and her happy disposition to hang out in the portable swing or just laying on the couch, she did just fine. (The boat was another story, but hey - you win some, you lose some.)

I'm so relieved that she enabled us to stay, because it allowed for some special time between the "Three Amigas" as well as for the kids. Which we all needed, with the Pryors moving to New Jersey :-( As usual, the kids had an absolute blast, and also exhausted themselves such that they were both sound asleep 15 minutes into our drive home.

It's hard to say what next summer will bring, but I refuse to believe we won't eventually return to Eden!

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