Monday, October 24, 2011

A Great-Grand Visit

Laura and I jetted down to Texas this past weekend to visit with my maternal grandparents. While Clare and Danny have visited with them, they had yet to meet Laura. I have been blessed to meet/know four of my own great-grandparents, so I am happy that my own kids have been able to do the same. I am also happy to report that my two sets of grandparents each celebrated 68 years of marriage this year! That's pretty great.

As you can detect, Laura was definitely in mommy mode, so essentially no one else got their hands on her - not even Grammy, who was her very best friend about a month ago while I was recovering! Fickle, thy name is baby. Anyway, she did give them plenty of smiles and cuteness, so I believe she left a favorable impression.

An added bonus was that my cousin Laura (so many fun memories from my childhood!) and her two little boys were able to pop over from Austin, making it a bit of a family reunion. I wasn't smart enough to get a picture of us, so we'll just have to make a repeat visit. I don't think anyone will mind.

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