Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Plentiful Pumpkins

So it would seem that the more things stay the same, the more they change when it comes to adding a baby to the family. As I mentioned last year, the pumpkin patch outing is something we do not ever skip. Not since Clare was 18 months old, anyway. It's also something that we all look forward to in equal amounts.

Sometimes anticipation is the most fun element. I think that might have been the case this year. It's not as though our trip wasn't fun, but somehow it didn't amount to the epic family excursion that Tim and I expected. While we have all adjusted our family routine to accommodate Laura's presence, I'm thinking that it still might affect our overall outlook. Or maybe I'm just seeking a scapegoat, when the more accurate explanation is that we were just in B+ mode. And hey, B+ really isn't too bad!

Looking back at the pictures from last year, I am a bit startled by how much younger the kids look - especially Clare. I will admit to some amount of autopilot parenting with her of late, because she is so reliable. I've been so busy documenting Laura's weekly developments, when it turns out my other baby girl is changing right before my eyes, too!

Danny is just as enthusiastic about Halloween this year as last. He was chomping at the bit to get out the books and decorations, which for his money cannot be too elaborate. In fact, I think it was his zeal for the outing (we had several days of "I can't wait for Sunday!") and the holiday in general that may have left us feeling a bit let down on Sunday. Did we fail him? Was he sick? Has Burt's Farm lost its touch? Who knows. That guessing game of parenthood will continue to plague me, so I should just leave well enough alone. As the pictures will attest (and Tim has a lot more pictures, but he's so swamped with work that my impatient self can't wait around), a good (enough) time really was had by all.

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