Monday, October 10, 2011

S'more QT

With Clare off on her Brownies Camporee weekend, I decided to take Danny and join the neighbors on their annual trip to Cagle's Dairy Farm. We have to work harder these days to get one-on-one time with the big kids, so this was an opportunity I couldn't resist. (It also helped that Tim was more than happy to stay home to watch football, er babysit Laura.) Given that the highlight of this trip is a hayride that leads to a big campfire and s'mores, it was pretty much a no-brainer.

Danny's equine radar kicked into overdrive when we emerged from the parking lot and saw pony rides. He kept explaining to me that he's a 'trained rider,' having taking three whole horseback riding lessons this summer. Since we still had plenty of time until the hayride, I willingly parted with my $5 in order for him to ride around in a circle for a few minutes. After all, I had determined to let him follow his whimsy on this trip (within reason, of course), since we didn't have any other siblings to please.

Although we had already selected fine pumpkins from Burt's last weekend, we strolled through the patch with Amy and Anna, soaking up the fall atmosphere. Danny bounced around, reuniting with neighbors that we hadn't seen in a while due to the hectic pace of day-to-day life. He and Kylie were particularly excited to see each other, and raced around the campfire together for much of the evening. There was also some questionable activity up along the fence line, but we choose to believe they were just telling ghost stories...

It really is a gorgeous setting for a campfire, and with the addition of some wine we were content to sit and let the kids run around for a long time. I briefly wondered if an open field was going to be enough to amuse them, but two-and-a-half hours later they were still going. The stellar weather helped. I'm thinking next year we'll invite Tim and Clare. If they're good.

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