Saturday, February 4, 2012

Catholic School Kids

This past week was Catholic Schools Week all around the country. CKS really gets into the spirit of this and offers lots of fun, affirmative, and faith-based events that make it memorable. We have the recognition awards, where each child is recognized out loud, individually by their teacher and then awarded these certificates:

We have the inevitable but always appreciated letters of gratitude:

And on Friday we had Blue & Gold Day. It's so convenient that CKS shares the same school colors as ND, isn't it? Danny knew well in advance what he planned to wear for Blue & Gold Day, and asked me almost every morning if it was the big day. He couldn't wait to get to school to show off his jersey (and was thrilled to find another K boy in an ND jersey, too).

I think what I enjoyed the most about this week was listening to Clare and Danny chit-chat about the days' events at dinner. The evening after the Georgia Tech Laser Fest they were abuzz, comparing notes on which laser-related item they thought was coolest. They eagerly speculated about which team they would root for in the 8th Grade versus Teachers volleyball game. And they loved being secretive about their grade's cheer for Spirit Day (it's a school-wide competition between grades).

Starting with our own parents, we're continuing quite a legacy of Catholic education. It's not cheap, and it requires a lot of time in the car, but it's well worth it. Just look at these two!

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