Friday, February 24, 2012

Danny's Winning Loss

Just this morning, while on a lovely walk, Crystal and I were commenting how different our children are from their siblings. Today turned out to produce another prime example. When my carpool dropped the kids off this afternoon, she said, "Danny, tell your mom your big news!" He immediately opened his mouth and showed me a very wiggly bottom tooth. This was quite a surprise, as we had no idea his tooth was at all loose. He was supremely proud of this, and asked if I thought he'd lose it soon. Yes, I said, although I wasn't sure it would happen today.

He proceeded to spend some time playing, occasionally stopping to feel his tooth. Soon after, he commented that maybe with the help of a napkin it would come out. I said that was likely, and he then asked if I would help. I agreed, assuming that he would chicken out after I first touched it. Or not: I gave it a solid twist and tug, he held quiet and steady, and lo and behold it popped out! He was thrilled, and immediately began dancing and jumping around the couch. I could tell he wanted to share this news. His jaded big sister wasn't really impressed enough, so we luckily caught Daddy on the phone. I wish I had taken a picture of him telling Tim, because it was priceless.

This was all a far cry from Clare's first tooth loss. He continues to proclaim his excitement. I can tell this is one of those epic big kid moments to him, as he told me at bedtime, "I wish tomorrow was Monday." As this is a Friday night, these are not words I am used to hearing from him! He is SO eager to share the news with his teacher and classmates. May he always treasure life's moments.

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Crystal said...

He was so proud! In the car today, he was telling Kylie that he looks like one of those really good hockey players -- you know, because they always lose their teeth playing hockey! :)