Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Tale of Two, Er, Three Valentines

It's time for the annual installment of comparative valentines. In the category of "valentines to give," Clare is holding the steadiest with another round of home-made cards, once again lovingly crafted with supplies from Target's Dollar Spot.

Danny, meanwhile, whizzed right past the Ninjago and Star Wars cards and honed in on some with a sports theme. He had two sets to choose from, but he ultimately went with ones that turn in to actual games (think paper football). He is, truly, all sports, all the time.

Laura will not be distributing cards this year. I'd say she might give out kisses, but she seems to have bypassed that particular trick and moved right on to biting. That's what menaces do.

When it came time to make my selections for the kids, I had it easy with Danny. Since he pounces on Tim's Sports Illustrated every week, I signed him up for a subscription to Sports Illustrated for Kids. I also found him a Ready Freddy book that features, among other (likely thin) plot lines, an attempt to play on a pee wee hockey team. Our living room is frequently littered with hockey sticks and footballs. Sigh.

I wasn't sure what I would choose for Clare, but knew I'd hit on the right thing when I found it. Now that she's growing out her hair, I have made it clear that she cannot simply let it hang in her face or I will take her for a cut, pronto (sometimes I sort of relish being harsh. Is that wrong?). Good old American Girl came through with what looks like a cute book on hair styles. She also has expressed more interest in cooking lately, and is intrigued by all things international, so I'm hoping she'll enjoy this kid's cookbook featuring different countries' cuisines. Lord, grant me the patience to let her actually concoct from the book...

Yes, I even found a book for Laura. We're making small strides with her interest in reading, so I chose a classic that disappeared sometime after Danny's toddlerhood. The flashing lights at the end won't hurt, either.

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