Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mowing Us Over

As much as we comment that Laura thinks and acts differently than the other two, she is following the similar pattern of being more verbal than physical. She didn't crawl particularly early, and at 14 months is not walking independently. She has always been chatty and now has half a dozen or more words (uh-oh, hi, yeah, wow, daddy, bye), and she loves to mimic sounds and especially singing. I'll confess I'm a little surprised that she hasn't started saying "no" yet, but I suspect once she starts, she's going to love to say it.

She also loves her mower. I think she really can't wait to walk, but insists on doing it on her own terms and thus refuses to do so while holding our hands. But she'll push that mower forever, either to get somewhere around the house, or up and down the neighborhood sidewalks. After absconding with some snacks out of the pantry, it seemed she thought it would also work as a getaway vehicle. She should thank Amy P., who passed that thing along back when Danny was learning to walk (a feat he did not master until 16.5 months - kind of hoping Laura moves a little faster than that).

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