Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Things We Love About Our 10-Year-Old

With Isabella and Abby, ready for a birthday sleepover.

Proudly holding Josefina, the newest AG doll of her collection.

Getting to work on some of her new Legos.

Sweet girls.

She has marvelous taste in friends.

She still loves American Girl dolls and Legos.

She's so sweet and so thoughtful.

She takes her role as big sister seriously, yet also enjoys it tremendously.

She has a great attitude about everything.

She is well-loved by everyone who knows her.

She's so smart, but so fun.

She loves to plan ahead (and just plan in general).

The girls lined up, awaiting the arrival of their new friend.
She still thinks it's fun to hang out with her mom.

She has made the last 10 years so much richer, happier, and full of love and light.

We love you, our double-digit Clare Bear!

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