Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Is Near

It's been a very soggy and chilly latter portion of winter around here. When the forecast for the weekend looked promising, we decided to seize the moment and spend some time together and get some fresh air while doing it. Having acquired annual passes at Gibbs Gardens when we made our first visit in the late fall, we knew exactly where to go.
Laura with daffodils, defying my attempt for a photo with the other two.

We happened upon the gardens in the midst of their daffodil festival, and we were certainly not the only ones taking advantage of the nice weather. Still, there are plenty of paths to roam and space for all. The five of us happily (for the most part) wound our way around, led by either Danny or Laura the entire time.

Danny and Laura crossing the Spirits Bridge, supposedly a way to ward off evil spirits. Judging by later behavior, this had the opposite effect on Laura.

Good thing she's cute.

The Danimal loved all the animal statues.

So grown-up!

Our time in the gardens came to a close right about the same time Laura started to lose her mind. She didn't get a nap due to the excursion, but instead of falling right asleep she proceeded to cry for at least the first 25 minutes of our drive home, without stopping. Danny fell asleep anyway, but poor Clare was sitting right next to her. Nor was Laura any happier when we got home, so we all breathed a sigh of relief when we tossed her in bed at 6:15 (yes, despite the time change - and she proceeded to sleep for 13 hours, so apparently she was really, really tired). From there we enjoyed a very peaceful evening that involved the boys grilling (and what appears to have been some man-to-man conversation on the deck) our revered Sunday night dinner. Even with a two-year-old, life is pretty good.

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