Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Laura the Shopper


A few weeks ago, the Kings' lovely nanny watched Laura for me while I volunteered at CKS. At one point, it was time to pick up Olivia from preschool, so Lauren was loading Laura into the car. Laura's response to this was to ask, "Target?"

In fairness, Laura makes a lot more trips to CKS than Target. But I will concede that we run a lot of errands, most of them on purpose. Both she and I really prefer to get out of the house. So you will not find me making uber-efficient trips to Publix that will last us all week. Yes, you will find us at Target. And Trader Joe's!

Today's trip to TJ's marked a new milestone for Laura: I decided she was ready to try pushing one of the little carts. She loved it, and did not lose interest halfway through, as I feared. She also didn't run anyone over, so what more could I have wanted? Actually, she even put it away herself while I finished paying.

Thinking back to when Clare and Danny were her age, I'm realizing we used to do a lot more fun, kid-focused outings. Once again, Laura is living the life of the third child. So we'll find something to do tomorrow (besides a run in the stroller). Then again, shopping's really not so bad.

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