Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sweet Deja Vu

As a stay-at-home mom (is there a more inaccurate label, by the way??), sometimes the hours are long and the days endless. Particularly when trying to enforce limitations on snacking, and TV, and issuing time-outs for numerous infractions. Those are not the golden moments. But sometimes I am struck by how happy I am to sit across from a sweet little face in the middle of the day and share small but special times.

Today's lunch with Laura made me pause and silently express gratitude, and also brought to mind a very similar moment with Danny. Both happened to involve Chick-fil-A ice cream (Laura's procured by an employee who was overcome by her adorable face, Danny's by a mommy who was sometimes overcome by his adorable face). When I went back to look for this photo of Danny, I was shocked both by how young he looks in it, and how much time has flown since I took it (two days before his fourth birthday). I absolutely remember taking that snapshot, can picture the very table where we sat.

 The days may be long, but I am realizing just how swiftly the years pass.

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